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A brand new start
Sergio Sisternes
December 24, 2020
1 min

I can’t deny I really enjoy facing new challenges, and the process of solving challenges is far more exiting for me than the “business as usual”. This is probably why I enjoyed my last 10 years as consultant at everis.

I can’t either deny that was very painful to find out that Ghost wiped out all my blog posts without much of advice, and I’m still surprised that to avoid having to pay $300/year to keep my personal blog in some CDNs and enjoy a friendly editor (that I really don’t really need, as I’m a Visual Studio Code creature by night), I had to cancel my suscription.

But, here we are, fresh start. As painter with its blank canvas. I moved away from most most traditional blogging solutions and platforms and made an “all in” bet in Gatsbyjs

Some time ago I helped to set the foundations of the now difunct Altemista CDK and its documentation website, working with our engineering teams at everis.

Gastbyjs turned to be a clever, modular and really powerful tool to create public-facing, dynamic websites. Been completely honest, it comes with all the challenges and complexities that JavaScript and Reacts comes it as well. It is not the most inctuitive or easy to learn, but it is definetly something that any company might want to use its public website in 202X.

Brand new year, brand new blogging platform!


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